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Adrianne Kroepsch is an assistant professor in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Division at the Colorado School of Mines, where she studies and teaches about environmental governance in the American West.  

Prior to joining the faculty at CSM, Adrianne worked as an instructor and researcher at the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado-Boulder and as a journalist covering science and technology policy in Washington, DC. 

Adrianne has a PhD in Environmental Studies and an MA in Geography (hydrology), both from the University of Colorado-Boulder.  Her undergraduate degree is in Science & Technology Studies from Cornell University.  


I study environmental governance in the American West with an emphasis on how discourse, data, and deliberation shape governance processes and outcomes. Broadly speaking, I study how people define environmental problems and develop solutions for them.  More specifically, I focus on how environmental governance objectives are shaped by (a) scientific and technological practices and (b) public participation and debate.  I am also interested in the other side of the same coin.  In other words, I ask both how practices of science, technology, and communication shape environmental governance objectives as well as how environmental governance, in turn, shapes practices of science, technology, and communication.  In my research and teaching, I examine and critique governance techniques that produce undesirable or inequitable socio-ecological outcomes.  I also work to imagine governance arrangements that might lead to alternative results. I currently have active projects on the governance of water, energy, and wildfire.

My academic background is interdisciplinary, with training in social science and hydrology.  In my current research, I draw theoretically and methodologically from literatures in human-environment geography, science and technology studies, and environmental policy and communication.  I utilize mixed research methods, such as in-depth interviews, participant observation, media and document analysis, and surveys.  I make public engagement and outreach a focus of my scholarship.


  • Water Politics & Policy
  • Science, Democracy, and the Environment 
  • Environmental Politics & Policy
  • Nature and Human Values


  • akroepsch (at)
  • 303-384-2565
  • Colorado School of Mines, 1500 Illinois Street, Golden, Colorado, 80401